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Details of Patent filed by faculty members of FXEC

Sl. No. Name of the applicants/assignee Name of the inventors Title Application number and field date Current status
1 Dr. R. Ravi Dr. R. Ravi &Dr. G. Rajakumar A Smart Color Writing Tool for Interactive Boards 201741013344 A
Dated: 21-04-2017
2 Francis Xavier Engineering College Dr.V.Velmurugan
&Dr. Joe Patrick Gnanaraj
Productivity Enhancement of Stepped Basin Solar still with Compartment 201941001887 Dated: 16.01.2019 Filed
3 Francis Xavier Engineering College Dr. Joe Patrick Gnanaraj & Dr.V.Velmurugan Compartment Single Basin Solar still - Enhancing the Productivity 201941001888 Dated: 16.1.19 Filed