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The faculty of FXEC covers diverse area of Engineering and Basic Sciences. World has been changing continuously with technological advancements and applications. FXEC aims to match with global technological developments. Different disciplines are working hard on various assignments and projects with main emphasis on practical applications and exploring fundamentals. Cross-disciplinary research of the faculty members is one of the major contributing factors on the part of the institution.

Engineering is one of the core areas of FXEC, which covers, Civil, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering. Multidisciplinary innovative approach for complex problem-solving is the hallmark of our disciplines. The faculty members are focusing on the research activities and consultancies. Our research has stretched across the traditional disciplines and uses the resources of Engineering.

Basic Sciences are providing an insightful training in research. The department of Science and Humanities has erudite faculty, who are intellectuals in their specialized fields of research. Most of the faculty members actively involved in research and publications. The department has the credit of a good number of publications in the National and International Journals.

Department No. of publication
CSE 124
ECE 148
EEE 56

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