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  1. FRESHERS DAY - 2017 : Solicit your esteemed presence for the FRESHERS DAY - 2017 on Monday, 21st August 2017 at 10.00 a.m in the New Auditorium
  2. 10 days training in "PYTHON PROGRAMMING" by Department of IT : Conducted by Mrs.Subbhulakshmi as a Resource person is from Department of IT from 11th AUG 2017 to 21st AUG 2017
  3. FDP entitled "Fuel and Combustion" by Department of Mech : is conducted on 18.08.2017 by department of Mech and the Resource person is :Dr.I.Neethi manikam
  4. FDP entitled "Thermol Physics" by Department of S & H : on 18.08.2017 and the Resource person is :Dr.Velmurugan  
  5. Received Grant of Rs.40000 to conduct National Seminar on 27th-28th NOV 2017 : Entitled “A    Multi-Disciplinary  Activity in Wireless  Sensor   Network  Regarding  Structural    Health Monitoring" Organiser : Dr. RAJAKUMAR,AssoProf/ECE, Convenor :Dr.R.Ravi, Director(Research), Co-convenor: Ms.Suriya, Research Scholar
  6. FACULTY EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM : FEP about the topic "Communication skill & Class room management" by TCS, Chennai
  7. Received Grant of Rs.40000 to conduct National Seminar on 23rd-24th NOV 2017 : Entitled  “ A Computational  Intelligence in the  Future of Bioinformatics,  Forensic  And     Biomedical   Engineering Sciences-Strategies And Innovation“Organiser:Dr.M.CAROLINE VIOLA STELLA MARY,Asso.Prof/IT, Convenor :Dr.Rajakumar, Asso.Prof/ECE, Co-convenor: Mr.Daniel Sathya Raj,AP/EEE
Our Highlights
  1. Multicultural Campus
  2. Excellent Infrastructure & Facilities
  3. Congenial learning atmosphere
  4. Finest faculty with industrial experience
  5. Remarkable placement record
  6. Enhancement of Spoken English skills through the Academy of English
  7. "Campus-connect" college selected by Infosys, Bangalore.
  8. State of the art lab and project Incubation Centres.
  9. Quality and Holistic association with Dell-EMC2 (Cloud Computing & Big Data), CISCO,Oracle, Autodesk,VMWare, Palo Alto Networks, Strategiqa, Ezeetrak, Avid GSL Solutions (Japan) and similar leading companies etc.
  10. Industry projects delivered by our students through cloud computing lab.
  11. Students are send to companies and industries for In-plant trainings on a regular basis.
  12. Visits of engineering heads, architects and business heads on a monthly basis.