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Inauguration of FXAA Bangalore Chapter-2018

Our Alumni Association(FXAA) Bangalore Chapter was inaugurated on 15th of December 2018. The Event took place at Hotel Nandhana Palace, Domlur, Bangalore at 5:00 p.m. The alumnus did their registration when they arrived at the venue.

The event started with a word of Prayer followed by a welcome address by Er.Jeffrin, Alumnus (2005 batch)who works with Paytm, Bangalore. 



The welcome address was followed by an inaugural video depicting the genesis of the college to the recent developments at the College and the laurels and achievements. A self-introduction session was there for the alumnus to get introduced to themselves who were from 2004 batch to 2018 batch. 

A cake-cutting was there to celebrate the moment by the alumni with each other and their family-members and their kids. 


Mr.S.Krishnakumar, Director(FXAA) in his felicitation cited the recent development in the College in every fields. He also emphasized that the prime objective of the inauguration of FXAA is to act as a platform for the alumnus at Bangalore to interact with each other and to form a strong network for the betterment of alumni at Bangalore and also for the Industry Interactions of FXEC and the current students. He also told that the alumni can contribute in the skill training of the college like guest-lecture and workshop in which the college is concentrating in the recent days.


Dr.G.Aravind Swaminathan in his note of address told that the contacts we establish during our college is very vital and will be helpful all through our life and he announced the new office-bearers of the Bangalore Chapter.

Sl No Name and Batch Responsibility Currently Working with
01 Er.John George(2004) President Volvo Group India Limited
02 Er.Jeffrin(2005) Secretary PayTM
03 Er.Madhusoodhanan(2007) Treasurer NAASCOM
04 Er.Krishnakumar(2012) Vice- President Microsoft
05 Er.BalaGanapathy(2014) Joint Secretary Fidelity Information

The Office-Bearers were honored by a shawl by the Director, FXAA.

Followed by this the alumni of the college shared their memories and their views to take forward the Bangalore Chapter, FXAA.

Er.John George, who is working with Volvo Group India Limited from the 2004 batch told that the videos about the college reveals the abundant development in the college and reveals the Commitment of the Management  towards the Development.

Er.Esther Shanthini who works at Infosys told that she was elated to be there in the event.

Er.Madhusoodhanan, NAASCOM in his time of sharing told that there is a lot of technical development taking place at Bangalore and it can be shared with the current students of our college.

Er.Balaganapathy, who is a native of Bangalore and who is an alumnus of 2014 batch told that it was a great moment to the family of FXEC once again to be at Bangalore.

The Alumni of 2018 batch were so glad to see a large number of their seniors at Bangalore the metro city. They were also assured by the seniors to render their guidance in all fields.

The event  closed with the vote of thanks by Dr.E.Manohar, Cordinator, FXAA and alumnus of 2004 batch.

A group photo was taken at the end of the session.

 The event was organized with the blessings of Dr.S.Cletus Babu and the guidance of the Managing director Er.C.Arun Babu. 

 Mr.S.Krishnakumar, Director had coordinated along with the team-membbers Dr.G.Aravind Swaminathan, Dr.E.Manohar and Mr.Vignesh Arumugam.

The First batch of our  students at the inauguration of the Bangalore Chapter of FXAA.

A grand dinner was served to all the alumni.