Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp 23rd  -25th January 2019

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp sponsored by EDII/DST-NIMAT was organized by Entrepreneurship Development Cell for three days from 23rd Jan. 2019. Students from the department of Management Studies participated in the Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp. The Awareness Camp started with the prayer song by the MBA girl students. After invoking the God’s presence Dr.Lourdes Poobala Rayen, the Director of EDC gave an introduction about the purpose of organizing the Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp and welcomed the dignitaries present.

Dr.K.Jeyakumar, General Manager (Development), SCAD Group of Institutions gave the Presidential address. During his speech he praised the chief guest for his presence and the special address to be given for the MBA students. He also appreciated the head of the department of Management studies for having achieved the 50th position in the Chronical India ranking of colleges offering Management Studies in the colleges.   

Mr.Thomas A Antony, Managing Director, NOVA Carbons India Private Ltd., SIPCOT Industrial Growth Centre, Gangaigondan, Tirunelveli spoke on “Business Opportunities in Tirunelveli District”. He briefed about his career experience as the employee of Absobant Carbons(VVD Group of Companies) and the establishment of the concerns in Coimbatore and Tirunelveli  for the production of Coconut shell based steam activated carbon. He explained the style of leadership and the steps taken by him to develop his concern. He also stressed the need to be responsible towards the society. In fact the session went on well and all the participants were inspired by the simple presentation of his life experience as an entrepreneur.

Mr.Kumaresan, Survey Inspector, District Industries Centre, Tirunelveli delivered a lecture on the “Institutional Support to Entrepreneurs through District Industries Centre”. The guest speaker explained the role of DIC for the development of industries in the district. He also highlighted the training programmes conducted by DIC for the prospective entrepreneurs and the need to gather information about the various support services rendered by the government departments like KVIB,SIDCO and SIPCOT. Giving a booklet he gave lot of information about the various central and state government financial assistance schemes and subsidies provided to the entrepreneurs to develop the business. At the end of the session students raised number of questions and the guest speaker gave explanation for the same

Dr.Lourdes Poobala Rayen, the Director of Entrepreneurship Development Cell gave a talk on the “Paradigm shift in the consumers’ behaviour and the resultant opportunities to the entrepreneurs”. Highlighting the changes in the consumer’s preference and their habits the speaker gave lot of live examples for the goods and services which are emerging in the market. In fact the students were motivated to opt for entrepreneurship instead of searching job. The speaker gave a call to all the participants to become the job provider instead of seeking job.  

Mr.N.Parthiban, Financial Literacy Counsellor, Lead Bank, IOB, Tirunelveli addressed the participants about the “Financial Assistance for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship through Banks”. The guest speaker being the retired Chief Manager of IOB explained the preparations the prospective entrepreneurs must do before approaching the bank for the financial assistance. He also insisted on the responsibilities of the entrepreneurs to make use of the loan amount for the productive purpose efficiently. The speaker gave explanation about the government subsides under various schemes and the adjustments in the loan account for the subsides given by the government to the entrepreneurs.