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Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp 21st  December 2018

The guest speaker Mr.T.Mathavan, CEO of N Tech Solutions, Tirunelveli gave a talk on Converting Creative Ideas to Business Ventures in Electronics and Communication Engineering. During his speech he motivated the participants to think differently to excel in the efforts taken. He listed his own life experience and the steps taken by him to move forward. His speech was very much interactive and the participants raised lot of questions to the guest speakers. He insists the participants to step in to entrepreneurship to enjoy financial freedom and economic development of the nation.

Mr.K.S Kavin,Managing Director, R& D Engineer,  AB Technologies, Chennai spoke on “Innovations through Real Time Projects using IOT”. He explained to the participants how to develop the interest in creativity and innovation. He shared his experience as a business man and how to overcome the hurdles faced during the initial stages. He shared his experience with use of embedded system. He showed number of real time project developed by him to solve the problems faced by the society. He also explained how the AURDINO, GSM and GPS can be used to solve number of problems. He gave lot of problems for which solutions can be developed. In fact the session was very much interesting and created interest to develop working modules for the existing problems.  

Mr.William James, Managing Director, Apple Cookware Pvt.Ltd, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Pettai, Tirunelveli is a successful entrepreneur having very rich experience in the field of Cookware and having business connections in other countries too. He spoke on the topic “Entrepreneurship a key to success- Sharing of Entrepreneurial Success”. He explained how he entered in to the business line and the efforts he took to come up to this present level. He underlined ten things to follow to become a successful entrepreneur. Sharing of his personal experience was an eye opener for the participants. 

Mr.Ramiah Chidambaram, Founder and CEO, W2B MultiTech Research Pvt.,Ltd., Chennai spoke “Recent trends in Electronics and Communication Engineering”. He gave lot of examples for the recent trends and the business opportunities in the field of electronics and communications engineering. As an entrepreneur he underlined the important qualities of a successful entrepreneur. The guest speaker highlighted the successful business ventures from the electronics and communications engineering. He also promised to help the students to complete the final year project. Moreover, he has created an incubation unit inside the college campus to help the students as well as for developing proto type products.