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ECE Depatment's Industrial Visit to Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

 An Industrial visit to VIKRAM SARABHAI SPACE CENTRE at Thiruvananthapuram ,was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Francis Xavier Engineering College on March 27, 2018. A total of 44 IV year and along with Two  faculty members (Mr.Pradheep T Rajan.B AP/ECE, Mrs.M .NavaneethaVelammal AP/ECE) .The Space Museum provides a tell-tale account of the Indian Space Programme from its infancy. The story of the Indian Space Programme is unfurled in six sections, comprising of history, education, technology, applications, global and the future. A movie theatre with surround sound system screens specially tailored movies on Indian Space Programme.  The museum has full-scale model of PSLV and PSLV heat shield on its premises. The museum also has scaled down (one fifth in size) models of GSLV, GSLV Mk-III and ATV.