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                            ““I learned the fundamentals, which is just what I needed as a first step for my career change!”.”
                                                                                – Takayoshi Y
The skill training for Second year B.E ECE students was organized by ECE department on 23.11.2018 to enhance the fundamental knowledge for the students to create a project of his own. Mrs.L.R.Pirya HOD/ECE and Dr.Rajakumar assistant HOD/ECE of ECE Department inaugurate the skill training program.The students are imparted with various training like Identification of Electronic Components(Resistor,Capacitor,Inductor,LED's,Transistor's,Diode,IC's)BreadBoardConnection Resistor, Series & parallel Connection, Multimeter Measurement, Transformer, LED Series Study of i/p Device
Study of RPS i) circuit Design ii) Working Principle iii) Setting Voltages, FG i) circuit Design ii) Working Principle iii) Setting Different Waveforms in multiple frequencies and amplitudes O/P Device, CRO i) signal Measurement ii) Study about CRO Front panel iii) CRO Circuit Design iv) Working Principle v) Troubleshooting 2. Rectifiers 3. Filters 4.Oscillators 5.Amplifers Dotted PCB Board soldering i)Serial LED ii) Oscillators Sensors i) Temperature ii) Smoking iii) Vibration iv) pressure v) Moisture vi)IR vii) LDR Matlab for Image Processing TV Assembling \ Troubleshooting Projects on Embedded System based on Arduino Platform
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