To be a centre of excellence for technology transformation in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.


1.To empower the vibrant young leaders with technical skills and knowledge in the field of technology.

2.To facilitate the industries to adopt effective solutions in the field of electrical and electronics engineering through consultancy.

3.To transform technology for rural needs.


 Programme Educational Objectives(PEOs)

S.NO PEOs Definition Of PEOs
I PEO-1 To prepare the graduates in gaining engineering knowledge, problem analysis, design, development of complex problem using Morden tools and technology.
II PEO-2 To train the graduate with commitment to ethics, social, environmental responsibility and lifelong learning.
III PEO-3 To enhance the employability and ability of the graduates in communication, planning, coordinating, managing projects and persons with efficiency and effectiveness.


Program Outcome(PO's)

S.NO Program Outcome(PO's)
Pa Engineering Knowledge: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and an engineering specialization for building engineering models.
Pb Problem Analysis:Identify and solve engineering problems reaching conclusions using mathematics and engineering sciences.
Pc Design/Development of Solutions:Design and develop solutions for engineering problems that meet specified needs.
Pd Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems:Conduct investigations of complex problems including design of experiments andanalysis to provide valid solutions.
Pe Modern Tool Usage:Create and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering tools for executing engineering activities.
Pf  The Engineer and Society: Apply reasoning of the societal, safety issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to engineering practice.
Pg Environment and Sustainability:Understand the impact of engineering solutions in the environment and exhibit the knowledge for sustainable development.
Ph Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.
Pi Individual and Team Work:Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams in multi-disciplinary settings.
Pj  Communication:Communicate effectively to the engineering community and the outside world and also to write effective reports.
Pk Project Management and Finance:Understand engineering and management principles and apply them to handle projects in multi disciplinary environments.
Pl Life-Long Learning:Recognize the need for life-long learning and apply in the context of technological change.


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started in the year 2002 and presently it offers under graduate programme in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and post graduate programmes in Power Electronics & Drives and Applied Electronics and Power System Engineering. The under graduate programme has been accredited for 3 years by NBA, New Delhi. It also offers Ph.D. / M.S. (By Research) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Full Time / Part Time). The Department has qualified faculty members with excellent academic records. The Department is equipped with excellent laboratory facilities since its inspection. 



    B.E - Electrical and Electronic Engineering


    M.E - Power Systems Engineering
    M.E - Power Electronics and Drives

Ph.D Programme
      Anna University Recognized Research Centre

•    Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi
•    Anna University Recognized Research Centre for Ph.D / M.S
•    Received Permanent affiliation status by Anna University, Chennai
•    ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution
•    Industrial Visits to  Core Electrical Companies to enhance the Knowledge
•    Guest lectures and Workshops by eminent Industry experts.
•    Opportunities for In-plant Training in II, III year and Internships during Final Year.
•    Produced 10 U.G and 11 P.G Rank holders
•    Received grant from ISRO, DRDO, AICTE, CSIR & Anna University
•    Teaching the students by Video lectures, Power Point presentations, on line e-learning Tools etc.
•    Undergone a sponsored project from TNSCST under student project scheme.
•    Conducting Mini projects contests for all EEE students to enhance the practical knowledge.
•    Conducting Value Added Courses regulary.

Focus area of study
    Electrical & Electronics Engineering offers in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge to undergraduate students in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. P.G. Programs in Power Electronics and Drives, Power Systems Engineering and R & D centre to study various aspects of Power Systems and application of Information Science in respect of planning, operation and maintenance of Industrial Power Systems with Artificial Intelligence.




Energy conservation,  electrical machines, protection of electrical equipments, electricity deregulation, FACTS controllers, stability of power system, application of SOFT computing techniques and renewable energy systems.



Design of conventional and intelligent controllers for a system or process, PLC, SCADA, DCS and robotics.



Design of power electronics converters for various applications and control of electric drives using power converters.



Design of analog circuits for specific application and design of microcontroller/DSP/FPGA based system for specific applications.


1. Special lectures in the key areas.

2. On-line video lectures and webinars.

3. Hands-on training on software/hardware tools related to key areas og SIG

4. Mini-project

5. Intra-department contests among the SIG students.

Thrust Research Areas
    Artificial Intelligence for Power Converters
    MPPT Algorithms based Renewable Energy Systems
    Systems for maintaining Power Quality
    Embedded Systems design
    Shunt Active Filters for PF improvement
    Controllers for Automation
    Compensators Design
    Waste to Methanol production
    Sensor design & Optimization


Industry Powered Lab Facilities 


National Instruments Powered Lab View Lab            MHRD powered Embedded system and Robotics Lab

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When I first started at Francis Xavier Engineering College, I was unsure about my future and anxious about the different challenges I was heading forward to face. But FXEC gave me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally. It gave me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge, to learn and to grow gradually. The campus is beautiful and full of limitless opportunities. I will forever cherish the memories I made in FXEC.

Prathikshaa J H

Prathikshaa J H


It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. The days which have been spending in FX were the golden days of my life and will remember it for rest of my life.




I feel that our college has helped me right from day one to get developed in many ways. It provides ample opportunities to help its students march towards excellence. The web based learning materials to augment the structure of course delivery helped me tower in my academics.

Geebin A R

Geebin A R


Discipline is the watch word of FXEC. It took me to the next level of professionalism. Further, opening up platforms to get ourselves involved in extra curricular and co-curricular activities helped me to bring out the innate potentialities and develop a overall personality

Nancy Gnana Nivetha R

Nancy Gnana Nivetha R


Our College helped me feel that the members of the Faculty are my ‘second family’ to cherish forever. Every Staff of this institution shares their knowledge with an affectionate pat and unshakable faith by mastering the subject and got proved by securing 9.5 CGPA.