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  1. Received Grant of Rs.50000 to conduct National Seminar on 27th-28th NOV 2017 : Entitled “A    Multi-Disciplinary  Activity in Wireless  Sensor   Network  Regarding  Structural    Health Monitoring" Organiser : Dr. RAJAKUMAR,AssoProf/ECE, Convenor :Dr.R.Ravi, Director(Research), Co-convenor: Ms.Suriya, Research Scholar
  2. Received Grant of Rs.50000 to conduct National Seminar on 23rd-24th NOV 2017 : Entitled  “ A Computational  Intelligence in the  Future of Bioinformatics,  Forensic  And     Biomedical   Engineering Sciences-Strategies And Innovation“Organiser:Dr.M.CAROLINE VIOLA STELLA MARY,Prof/IT, Convenor :Dr.Rajakumar, Asso.Prof/ECE, Co-convenor: Mr.Daniel Sathya Raj,AP/EEE
College Academic Committee

The college shall have a duly constituted College Academic Committee (CAC) as prescribed in the Regulations to formulate long term and short-term development programmes for the college to achieve academic excellence in tune with the policies of the University. The colleges shall have a duly constituted grievances Redress Committee and Malpractice prevention committee as prescribed in regulations.


The College Academic Committee (CAC) shall have a minimum of seven members, including the Chairman.  All other members will be nominated by the Chairman.  The constitution of the CAC will be as follows:

Principal of the College - Chairman

All Heads of the departments

Two other senior faculty members of the college

Officer In-Charge of Academic/Examination Section

The College Academic Committee meetings shall be convened frequently, not less than four times a year and the interval between two consecutive meetings should not be more than three months.


  • To review the academic and other related activities of the college
  • To review the students and faculty development programmes
  • To visualize and formulate perspective plans for the development and growth of the college
  • To formulate Master Plan for campus development, facilitating implementation of the provision of the perspective plan
  • To draw new schemes of development for the college
  • To plan for resource mobilization through industry interaction, consultancy and extra-mural funding
  • To promote research and extension activities in the college campus
  • To promote teaching innovations and student placement programmes
  • To plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and accreditation of the college
  • To recommend schemes to promote participation of academic departments in community development activities in the region
  • To consider such other activities for furtherance of academic excellence
  • To review students attendance /malpractices in examinations.
  • To oversee the internal examinations/ evaluation/ recording