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  1. Received Grant of Rs.50000 to conduct National Seminar on 27th-28th NOV 2017 : Entitled “A    Multi-Disciplinary  Activity in Wireless  Sensor   Network  Regarding  Structural    Health Monitoring" Organiser : Dr. RAJAKUMAR,AssoProf/ECE, Convenor :Dr.R.Ravi, Director(Research), Co-convenor: Ms.Suriya, Research Scholar
  2. Received Grant of Rs.50000 to conduct National Seminar on 23rd-24th NOV 2017 : Entitled  “ A Computational  Intelligence in the  Future of Bioinformatics,  Forensic  And     Biomedical   Engineering Sciences-Strategies And Innovation“Organiser:Dr.M.CAROLINE VIOLA STELLA MARY,Prof/IT, Convenor :Dr.Rajakumar, Asso.Prof/ECE, Co-convenor: Mr.Daniel Sathya Raj,AP/EEE
  3. E-Coral & Ecstasy'17 on 23rd Sept 2017 : ·         Ecoral 2017- Inauguration , Symposium-Ecstasty 2017 and International Conference will be organized by ECE Department on 23rd September  on the topic of Technical Event .
  4. FDP-Python : Faculty development program for 10 days on “Python Program” conducted by IT department
  5. Career guidance for GATE :  Career Guidance Cell is organizing a programme on 23.09.2017 at 10.00 a.m under the title "Career Guidance for GATE "  ,Dr.M.Murugan, Professor,GCE,Bodi will be the Resource Person.

About Department

High-rise buildings, bridges, subway stations, stunning airports, highways and hydroelectric dams are some of the interesting hallmarks of human civilization and urbanization. Civil engineering teaches us how to construct infrastructure and create an environment which will be conducive for living in the modern era.

Civil Engineering has come a long way. It is a profession which has helped in building and transcending knowledge as how to build and create physical environment and make this world a better and convenient place to live. Civil engineering as a profession has explored the idea which aided us in leading a quality life.  Thus, if you have an idea that can help to make this world a better place to live, then a career in civil engineering can be a possible choice for you.


The Civil Engineering Department provides a learning environment through which students learn the art of development and sustainability in:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Water Resources
  • Land Resources
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Environmental Science and Resources
  • Energy

The department has well qualified faculties with highly qualified faculty, excellent infrastructure and lab facilities with modern equipments.


  • Computer Aided Building Drawing Lab
  • Strength Of Materials Lab
  • Hydraulic Engineering Lab
  • Survey Camp
  • Soil Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab